Book Reviews

Below are a number of book reviews by other authors, teachers and practitioners in the internal arts world. These are just a few of the positive reviews Damo’s books have received. A quick visit to any Amazon webpage or sites like Goodreads will produce many more glowing reviews of his work.

This book drills down into the golden core of the ancient Chinese art and science of internal self-cultivation known as “Chi Gung” or “energy work”, and after reading it, you’ll understand why Chi Gung is the best way on earth to protect your health, prolong your life, and clarify your awareness of both aspects of the “Three Treasures” of life – mortal body, breath, and mind; and immortal essence, energy, and spirit. Known simply as “Nei Gung”, or “internal work”, this inner alchemy may be learned and practiced by anyone. Written by a dedicated practitioner who verifies scholarly research with personal experience and illustrates ancient theory with contemporary practice, this book provides the Western mind with a clear-cut introduction to Chi Gung that informs as well as inspires the reader to practice.

Daniel Reid

Author and Teacher of Daoism

With all the information circulating today we face the difficulty of discerning between what is true and what is pure mental fabrication. A number of publications give us misleading information on the reality of practice. Damo’s book stands out from these publications and illuminates us, supporting our personal research. My personal practice started 40 years ago I learn something every day – I would like to come across books like this one more often! This is a clear and useful handbook, convenient and concise. This is a book for those who love living Daoism.

Serge Augier

Da Xuan

The most precise instructions in the practice of Nei Dan you will ever read. This book will be a revelation to everyone who has previously lost their way in the obscurities of Daoist alchemical texts.

Mike Jones

Glastonbury Oracle

Damo’s explanations and insights are indispensable. Whether you are just beginning your journey of personal development with an interest in philosophical and spiritual thought, or even if you are a fully qualified practitioner of Chinese medicine, Heavenly Streams will certainly enrich your practice.

Rob Aspell

Chinese Medicine College Tutor

The Four Dragons brilliantly conveys, with ease, clarity, and a refreshing sense of humor, ancient Daoist principles and teachings of Qi Gong, Dao Yin and Nei Dan. Until now this information has been shrouded in mystery and secrecy, behind monastery walls, for millennia. With practice, both the beginner and the advanced student will benefit greatly by the reading of this book, experiencing rapid improvements in health and wellbeing. One who cultivates further will be guided to the deepest levels of inner consciousness

Barbara Abrams

Maryland Institute of Integrative Health

I knew I had found a rare treasure for my instructors and students when I read Roni and Damo’s Daoist Nei Gong for Women. Thorough, deep and wise, this is a voluminous “must-have” on any serious Qigong/ Neigong practitioner’s shelf. It is sure to answer all questions women will have on these ancient health and empowerment practices, as up until now, so few knowledgeable books have been written about them. Women practitioners will now have a deep well to draw from, gleaning wisdom from two of the finest teachers of Neigong in the modern world.

Daisy lee

Radiant Lotus Womens Qi Gong

I have been devotedly practicing and researching the esoteric methods of Buddhism and Daoism since I was a teenager. In my travels and research I have been blessed to have received authentic teachings in the internal martial arts and the meditation methods of Buddhism. In strong contrast to this, despite my efforts I have never been able to access the authentic teachings of the Nei Dan firing process. What was available was shrouded in symbolic language and secrecy. That all changed when I met Damo Mitchell. Not only is Damo’s transmission authentic but his teachings are clear and practical. The teachings given in this book are a true gift for the English speaking Daoist community.

Adam Mizner

Heaven Man Earth Taiji International

Like all the ancient Daoist traditions, the art of classical Chinese medicine is one rooted in experiential learning. In Heavenly Streams, Damo Mitchell shares an inner method to access our meridians and points. It is a valuable guidebook for those interested in practicing with the subtle energies of their own bodies.

Zhongxian Wu

Daoist Teacher and Author

Prior to encountering Damo Mitchell, the books I had come across on the internal arts came in two varieties: they were either easily comprehensible but lacked the depth and substance a practitioner needed, or they were poorly translated versions of highly technical esoteric texts. Combined with a good teacher, Damo’s previous books on Nei Gong and Chinese Medicine offer the practitioner an unparalleled education to the theory and practice of the Daoist arts. White Moon on the Mountain Peak is no exception. In his latest book, Damo provides the practitioner with a manual on Daoist internal alchemical meditation, taking the reader from a background on Daoist alchemy through advanced stages of training. The depth and breath of material covered is superb, and students of the internal arts will be richly rewarded.

Avi Nash

Amazon Reviewer

The author suggests that the “Dao is accessible by everyone in one way or another. The form it takes only depends upon how much you are willing to put in.” As with any worthwhile goal in life, it takes patience, diligent practice, good teaching and persistence to get the maximum benefits. So it is with Nei Gong. This book will give the reader enough insights to persue the study of Nei Gong further. The practices of Sung breathing and the Ji Ben Qigong set are bound to be of value to all who read this book.

Yang Sheng

Online Journal

This is one of the best if not the best book on Daoist internal arts that I’ve ever read… Many books give practices but you don’t understand the principles and reasons for doing them. This book is written so that you can understand the principles behind the practices. It is soundly based on the simple teachings of Lao Tze… I would recommend anyone interested in qigong and nei gong to get this book.

Qigong Healing

Online Magazine

This book should be studied by students and practitioners of Chinese internal martial arts, Chinese medicine, and all others using Meridians in their practices… This is one of the few books that gives a Qigong practice which allows you to feel or sense your own Meridians and Acupoints. It also teaches you how to inject Qi into Acupoints.

Marty Eisen

Yang Sheng Magazine