Portugal Martial Arts – Weekly Classes

Damo, Roni and Jason will be running another block of Martial Arts training in Portugal at the end of 2017. In order to progress efficiently with the Martial Arts you really require constant supervision and corrections; this is why we have decided to teach the Martial Arts with blocks of daily classes (4 days a week) as opposed to running weekend courses as we do with Nei Gong. The last block of classes covered the whole range of styles within the school: Taiji, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan and San Da (Combat) … plus the occasional Nei Gong class.

It was interesting to see how much progress the last group of students made, specifically those who stayed for an extended period of time but also those who attended classes for just one to two weeks. As we know that the best way for someone to progress with the Martial Arts is to receive regular corrections we do recommend that students try and attend the classes for a minimum of 2 weeks. For those wanting to spend longer than 2 weeks, we have decided to cap the cost of the training to €400 for weeks 3 and 4.

The next block of classes will be taking place in Vilamoura over the months of October and November 2017. Classes will normally run 4 days of the week, which days may vary depending upon other courses that may be running on weekends. Normally a class will last for approximately 3 hours but sometimes they will over-run. Please note that sometimes we have to run 2 classes in one day to make up for our absence when all of the teachers have to go away at the same time, this doesn’t affect the number of hours of tuition you receive.

A breakdown of the costs is as follows:
– 1 Week : €160
– 2 Weeks : €320
– 3 Weeks : €400
– 4 Weeks : €400

Please note that the training in Portugal is not retreat style training, you will be expected to find your own accommodation and transportation to and from the venue. On the last block of classes a group of the students decided to live together which kept costs down and also provided them with the opportunity to train with each other outside of the classes.

Students are expected to attend all classes and study whatever the teacher decides to teach, there is no option to request to study one particular style or aspect of the Martial Arts syllabus. They are also expected to arrive/depart to/from classes promptly and participate fully to the best of their abilities. The Martial Arts training can be hard and is not for everyone, please only apply if you are happy to be pushed and participate fully. Students will also be expected to bring along some of their own gear, as follows: Handwraps, MMA-style Gloves and a Gum Shield.

If you are interested in attending the classes or have any more questions please email us on lngbookings@gmail.com.

Note that we don’t usually take outside students for this training. It is generally only available to existing Lotus Nei Gong students who wish to move deeper into the martial arts. The training takes place in Damo and Roni’s house, in their own personal training room and as such it is generally more pleasant to restrict the training to people they know!