Animal Frolic Qigong (UK) – May 24-25

Bristol, UK 

Taught by Damo Mitchell

Two days of Damo teaching the Animal Frolics in Bristol. This course is a continuation of the exercises begun in February but it is still possible to attend if you did not come to part one of the training.

Medical Exercises

The short animal forms are a medical system of internal exercise devised from observing the movements of five different animals. Corresponding to the five Yin organs of the body according to Chinese medical thought they are a fun way to cleanse the body and expel pathogens from the Jing Luo system.

The animal Nei Gong forms sit halfway between Qi Gong and Dao Yin with the circulatory effects of Qi Gong combined with the purging properties of Dao Yin training.

Course Details

Saturday 9am until 5pm

Sunday 9am until 5pm

The cost of the course is 100 GBP which includes the two days training with Damo and Roni

The course will be held at: The Greenway Centre, Doncaster Road, Southmead, Bristol, BS10 5PY

On Saturday night the group will head down to Bristol waterfront in the city centre for a group meal.

Deer, Crane and Bear

On this weekend, Damo will focus upon the forms of the Deer, the Crane and the Bear. If time permits, further animals will be looked at. These three forms correspond to the energy of the Kidneys, Lungs and the Spleen, the physical manifestations of Water, Metal and Earth elemental Qi within the body. Gradually, through learning the movements and engaging with the internal mechanics of the forms it can enable the spiritual qualities of the animals to come forth allowing a stronger flow of internal energy.

These are Shamanic exercises of the ancient Wu heralding back to the legendary Daoist, Jiu Chiam. Practicing the movements of the animal Nei Gong can be a great deal of fun and greatly enhance the practitioners health as well as their Nei Gong development.

Theoretical lectures will focus upon Daoist Shamanic beliefs as well as the medicinal theory that sits behind the movements.

Please use the contact form to request more details or to book a place on the course