Sophie Johnson and Bonhays

Sophie Johnson is an inner door Nei Gong student of Damo’s who lives in Dorset (UK). Sophie runs a number of Nei Gong courses and retreats throughout the year. Her courses in the south of the UK are growing ever more popular and many of them are run from her retreat centre, Bonhays, a place that allows students to engage with Lotus Nei Gong’s material in a relaxed retreat style setting. Sophie has trained closely with Damo for a number of years and is fully accredited by us to offer training in our syllabus. She teaches a mix of Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Dao Yin and meditative exercises.

Below is an entry from the Bonhays main website introducing the centre:

Bonhays offers you a sanctuary of welcome, peace and simplicity: a beautiful, secluded Meditation and Retreat Center, nestled in the hills of West Dorset, between Bridport and Lyme Regis and just two miles from the sea. Our vision for the center is to support people in having an alive, embodied spiritual journey, a path with heart. We welcome and embrace people of all faiths or none. We encourage freedom of thinking, of belief and of living. And we very much look forward to your visit.

Set around a central courtyard, with the soft curves of the straw buildings and the hills beyond, there is quiet and stillness here. The centre provides great communal spaces as well as many peaceful and secluded spots for quiet and reflection.

Whether you need to sit on the decking and watch the sunset, swim peacefully in the pool, share wonderful meals in the conservatory or sink deeper into meditation in the group room, we trust you will be replenished and revitalized from your visit with us.

Sophie’s courses can be found on the events section of this site along with courses run by our other senior students. If you would also like more information on Sophie’s personal school then she can be found by clicking here or if you would like more information on the Bonhays retreat setting and its facilities please click here.