Lotus Nei Gong School of Daoist Arts

Welcome to the Lotus Nei Gong school of Daoist arts. This is the main website of our international association. Here you will find information about what we teach, where you can study with us and about the teachers within our school.

Lotus Nei Gong was established by me, Damo Mitchell, in early 2004 as a small school of Yang-style Taijiquan based in the city of Cardiff, South Wales (UK). At the time, I was running small weekly classes and basically finding my feet as a teacher of the internal arts. Taijiquan was the first art that I taught as I believed (and still do) that it is one of the greatest studies a person can undertake in order to improve their health as well as elevate their spirit. Over the years, the school has grown, expanded into an international association of like-minded teachers and now has a complete syllabus of Chinese martial, medical and meditative practices.

The aim of the school is to provide quality instruction in the Daoist internal arts. As well as this, we strive to ensure that students have a structured path of progression through their chosen internal arts.

The syllabus is based on my personal study which began in childhood and has now continued for over three decades of in-depth study; over a decade of this being spent traveling and studying extensively in the far east. This study includes cross-referencing and comparing the methods and systems of numerous master-level teachers across Europe, China, Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is our belief that we offer a complete and traditional-style route into the Daoist arts of China.

We have classes in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Portugal and the United States. These classes are headed by dedicated students of mine who have been personally trained over a long period of time in whichever aspect of our system they have chosen to dedicate their time to.

We hope to see you at some stage in your own practice. Please feel free to contact us through the site with any queries you may have.

All the best to you

Damo Mitchell

Technical Director of Lotus Nei Gongcropped-Site-Bar.png

Damo Mitchell

Teacher of:

  • Yang Taijiquan
  • Cheng Baguazhang
  • Hebei Xingyiquan
  • Nei Dan
  • Nei Gong
  • Chinese Medicine