Core and Shoulders

So this entry includes two videos; one for the core of the body and one for the shoulders. These videos were filmed a while ago, its says two years ago on the Vimeo account but I think it was actually longer than that; maybe I didn’t upload them as soon as I filmed them? They were back when I was really basing myself in Thailand a lot of the time.
They are both still simple enough clips. I have been looking at what is coming up for you and it starts to get complex in the not too distant future, theory clips that will take a bit of thinking about! So enjoy yourself with the simplicity of these exercises for the time being.

The first clip shows the core strengthening exercises; they are basic enough, I just want you to drop these into your usual practice routine, especially if you know you suffer with having a weak centre. We need this strength for later when we move onto more complex work with the lower Dan Tian. If the core isn’t quite strong enough/elastic enough then the Dan Tian won’t be able to communicate with the rest of the body well enough.

The second clip shows some preparatory exercises for your shoulders I would like you to do to get ready for Dao Yin exercise training which will come soon, most likely next time you see me. It says in the video you will start Dao Yin in the next couple of weeks but ignore this as it was relevant to the other group I was teaching. Start to put these movements into your practice to. As you should see by now I am giving you exercises for the kua, connection to the ground, shoulders, core and few other bits and pieces in these videos. This is to invest in building the body in the correct way for what we want to do. Keep at it, build the foundation and your practice will certainly pay off. As you may have figured by now, I tend to teach in a very ‘process-based’ way and part of this process is to rebuild your body as we need it for internal training.

I have also adjusted the timetable just a little for those of you using my suggested structure. These small changes reflect the new exercises in these videos as well as what I understand Sophie will be showing you on your next course.

In the meantime, I am off to America to see the students over there so have fun with Sophie in her class and I will see you not too long after I get back.

Session structure 1 = Body-based

  • 30 minutes = stretching and loosening (shoulder exercises and so on)
  • 15 minutes = core work (core exercises)
  • 60 minutes = Practicing the alignments and principles for Wuji standing & first four Ji Ben Qi Gong movements (check list – use a mirror)

Session structure 2 = Energetics-based

  • 30 minutes = stretching and loosening (shoulder rolls and so on)
  • 15 minutes = Practicing the alignments and principles for Wuji standing (check list – use a mirror)
  • 15 minutes = practicing moving up and down maintaining principles whilst using Ji Ben Qi Gong exercises
  • 30 minutes = Actual lower Dan Tian work, find the LDT and start the ‘turning’ exercise* or else ‘listen’ to it