Shoulder, to Hip, to Floor

The main video I want to introduce this week (fortnight) is the exercise shown here that helps you connect the shoulder, to the hip and then the floor. It is a very important movement that I covered very briefly with you on the London introductory event but we didn’t really make a big point of it so many of you may not remember it. Basically, at this stage we are still building shape and structure. Progressing slowly like this and changing the body over time is really going to help you at later stages. The video and exercise should be easy enough t follow so start dropping it into your practice. It can be pretty uncomfortable at first so don’t kill yourselves with it! Just give it a go and build up to a point where you can do it comfortably without your shoulders feeling like they are going to drop off.

The other video is just another one on the lower Dan Tian that was recorded around the same time. You have already had a video on the lower Dan Tian but I thought I would leave this one here as well in case there is anything extra and useful in there for you. If there isn’t then I apologise for having to listening to my voice once again! It is really beneficial to your training to get the ‘level of intent’ righto in your practice.

Just a tiny adjustment to your timetable below. I have changed the Dan Tian work from session 1 (body-based session) to the exercise shown in the video here. For those of you using this suggested training structure, I think it is wise to spend some time on the exercise at this stage.

Hope the practice is going well, I know it can feel slow at first but keep at it. The better your foundations, the more efficiently you will progress as time goes on.

Session structure 1 = Body-based

  • 30 minutes = stretching and loosening (shoulder rolls and so on)
  • 15 minutes = core work (planks, leg raises and so on – be sensible)
  • 30 minutes = Practicing the alignments and principles for Wuji standing & first two Ji Ben Qi Gong movements (check list – use a mirror)
  • 15 minutes = Work on the exercise in this video of shoulder connection to the floor.

Session structure 2 = Energetics-based

  • 30 minutes = stretching and loosening (shoulder rolls and so on)
  • 15 minutes = Practicing the alignments and principles for Wuji standing (check list – use a mirror)
  • 15 minutes = practicing moving up and down maintaining principles whilst moving (2 Qi Gong exercises)
  • 30 minutes = Actual lower Dan Tian work, find the LDT and start the ‘turning’ exercise*

Try to follow this structure as best you can and work sensibly.