A Breakdown of the Training

Students undertaking both of these 2.5 – 3 year long training programs will train in the following manner:

  • They will attend a series of courses over 2.5 years. These courses are broken down in various ways according to their location but amount to 20 days per year taught by Damo Mitchell and his senior teachers.
  • Students will have access to fortnightly theoretical videos which unlock online. These videos are designed to accompany the practical training and include detailed instruction on the theory and philosophy of Daoism.
  • Students will work progressively through the level 1 material of our syllabus learning body structure, efficient usage of form, how to awaken the energy system and how to work with consciousness.
  • The prime concern of level 1 is purging the body of toxins and students are led through this process in order to cleanse the energy body. We use Dao Yin and Jing Gong extensively for this. The aim is to have most of the major purging finished by halfway through the programme; we can then work on the nourishing aspect of the practice.

Additionally, the QGC programmes have the following aspects to them:

  • QGC have to complete written assignments primarily concerning what they have been taught and the theoretical information from the videos we provide.
  • QGC students must go deep into the energetic awakening and purging processes in order to ensure that they have sufficient energetic awareness and skill to effectively teach with us.
  • QGC students must reach certain standards in their skill level when performing the practices to remain on the programme.
  • We also teach, teaching skills and energetic imbalance training as well as detailed Qi deviation risks upon the QGC programme.
  • Those completing the programme will be able to join our teaching team as level-1 Qi Gong instructors. Please view our directory for a complete list of these teachers, many of whom have completed one of our QGC training programs themselves.


structure of the training

The self-cultivation programme will run over a period of two and a half years. The structure of the training is spelt out in the bullet points below.

year 1: twenty days of training

year 2: twenty days of training

> year 3: fourteen days of training

training days

The training will be broken down into series of courses taking place on each year of the programme.

> Year 1 and year 2 will both consist of five three-day courses and one five-day course.

Year 3 will span over half a year and will consist of three three-day courses and one five-day course.