The Lotus Nei Gong School of Daoist Arts

The Lotus Nei Gong School of Daoist Arts was established by Laoshi Damo Mitchell in early 2004 in order to preserve and share the eastern methods he had studied since childhood. As an organisation, we believe in studying a system in the most thorough manner; for this reason, we teach the internal martial arts of China as well as Nei Gong methods, alchemical practices and Chinese medicine. The methods offered here are the result of Damo’s studies across Europe, China and Southeast Asia over many decades.

Lotus Nei Gong has expanded over the years and now has branches around the globe, with Damo’s senior and inner-door students assisting him with reaching many people worldwide.

Author on Classical Daoist Practice

Damo Mitchell has written a number of books on the Daoist arts. These titles are published through Singing Dragon and are available from bookstores worldwide. Damo’s books have proved popular with the internal arts community who appreciate Damo’s way of providing much needed clarity with regards to the practices of Nei Gong and Nei Dan. More information on Damo’s books can be found on this site.

Self Cultivation Programme - London - 2017

In 2017, Damo Mitchell and Seniors will be teaching a three-year-long structured course looking at the Daoist internal arts. The focus will be on Daoist Qi Gong and Nei Gong methods, with an emphasis on personal development with regards to health and growth of consciousness.

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Yang Taijiquan



Nei Gong

Lotus Nei Gong International Classes

Our school has been established since 2004 and, since this time, Lotus Nei Gong has attracted many highly-dedicated students. Several of these students have undertaken prolonged intensive training in the Daoist arts and now teach their own classes around the UK, Europe and the United States. For more information on our classes, our grading structure and where you can train with us, please click on the button below:



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Bonhays Centre

The Bonhays centre in Dorset (UK) is affiliated with Lotus Nei Gong

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How do I train and how are teachers qualified?

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One attends to one’s affairs in the midst of the emptiness…..While practicing contemplation of the empty, one also knows that one cannot destroy the ten thousand things, and still one does not notice them. This is the secret of turning the light.

Lu Dongbin

Daoist Immortal, Quanzhen Patriarch

Portugal Training

Women’s Nei Gong

Xian Tian College of Daoist Medicine

For fully-recognised professional training in Chinese medicine in the UK, please visit the Xian Tian College of Daoist Medicine. This is a traditional school of Tui Na massage and acupuncture that follows ancient Daoist principles. The three-year-long Diploma courses run by the college are taught by Damo Mitchell and Rob Aspell. For more information, click on the button below.


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